Friday 22 February 2013

The Realm of Chaos (well my bit).

My brother is over tomorrow for one of our now and then games and we have decided to test out our Realms of Chaos warbands to hopefully gain some much needed experience and who knows an advancement or two.

Now I usually ply on at least a 6' by 4' table but we have decided to go smaller, 4' by 3'. I have such a board painted a good grass green, not so good for the chaos wastes, what I really wanted was barren terrain and quick. With not enough time for sand and glue and paint I chose what has become my go to cheat solution for the busy Oldhammer Dad (Dadhammer?).

Textured PDF files can when used in the right places look great and last night I made what I hope is a rather fetching board for our game tomorrow With the off cuts of the textured sticky paper there was enough to cover some depron for some simple scatter terrain. Anyhow here is the board:

The field, er, board of battle.

The other end, not bad for an evenings work and less than a fiver for pdfs.

A close up.

A Champions eye view looking out across the Valley of K'chin.


  1. Nicely done - I like the weird vegetation too.

    £5? Should that be the Valley of Kerching?

  2. Dadhammer, i loved that bit. Fantastic board though. Well done.

  3. Jealous of your brother. Great board.

  4. Thanks, I should have mentioned whose textures I'm using. The place is :
    PWork paper wargame
    though I bought from RPGNow. I'm thinking about getting one of his on a vinyl print, no disappearing flock to worry about.

    I'm going to copyright Dadhammer.

  5. Excellent work, I really must get my head round downloading and printing stuff. I'm still struggling to get on with my ZX Spectrum. Nice to have a brother to game with, and do copyright Dadhammer, I can really relate to that. In fact it's amazing how much other Dads seem to get done...any tips on escaping the kids?

  6. Late nights risking the wife's wrath, only way to get things done.