Friday 18 November 2016

Something SUPER different.

You nay have realised form the lack of posts that my painting and posting mojo really isn't where it once was. I am still enjoying gaming and honestly I do have some orcs for orctober almost finished but at the moment I am enjoying something completely different with my two boys.  We are all superhero obsessed at the moment so I thought I present to you some of the clix repaints I have been working on.

First up the fantastic four. A nice simple team to get done, with a uniform and no having to choose favourites with uniforms from a common time period like the x-men (there is so much to get wrong with them I may just give up and paint what I like). Any way the fantastic four, not master pieces but fun quick paints for me and the boys:

 I'm pleased with Ben, a big improvement over the original paint though I'm now thinking I should have trimmed away the mould lines on his head. never mind I like him.

 Sue turns invisible. OK not a paint job here, just changed the base but I'm still pleased with the look and the boys think shes great.


 The green goblin is a personal favourite. I have some acrylic rod to make flight stands of various heights but at the moment, with my modelling drills missing I'm using transparent drinking straws. He's on a low one here.

 Spidey  swings down to investigate.

And trails the unsuspecting Green Goblin from up high.

 More villains. Piledriver and Thunderballs faces haven't come out well in the photo here, small faces with very shallow detail. I've since gone back over and really beefed up the shadows and highlights.