Wednesday 30 September 2015

Orctober is here!

Orctober comes but once a year.
Now it's here, now it's here.
Bringing lots of Crump'n and Orcy fear. Ra ra ra ra ra.

No sooner has Boyl finished then I find the slump sets in. You can see it over numerous blogs, around September they just sort of dry up for a bit.  That's where Orctober comes in. Its a green skinned kick up the behind yelling, "Ger on wid it yar stoopid Umie." Least ways that why I like it and yes its orc themed. I'm going to be starting and hopefully finishing a number of Orcy projects over the month and I hope you'll join me just like the past two years. So have you got a unit that needs painting, a battle that needs playing and writing up, views on orc rules and game play or some art work or stories that need sharing?

I'd love to hear from you, post it on your blog or forum of preference and let me know. For my part I'll see if I can dig out some prizes like past years.

Links to the first days of previous years Orctobers: