Sunday 9 March 2014

BEF platoon for Chain of Command.

I have a lot of historical stuff, all sorts of periods, indeed when this blog goes quiet I'm often painting historicals. I've never actually shown any of my historics on this blog. I always intended to start Erny's other place for my historics but never did.

Three things have happened to make me change my mind. Firstly I thought why not put them on this blog now that the Oldhammer blog is up and running again and well the whole Oldhammer community is pretty strong I can stop banging on about it. Secondly I've really got into Chain of Command by Too Fat Lardies. I have painted up a platoon of BEF in 15mm. At this scale the games ground scale is 1:1 which for a WW2 game is pretty special. I have been working on some terrain too and had photographed a little setup to show you but hesitated over adding historics to this blog. Finally Orlygg went and posted historics today so why not.

These are Peter Pig early war. The last European theater British I painted were 10 years ago late war 20mm for Rapid Fire. I really enjoyed getting these done rather than stands of 15mm for FoW. I just need to get the Jerries done now.

I'd be happy to add more historic stuff if people are interested.

Saturday 8 March 2014

The Oldhammer Chaos warband challenge. Raiding the lead pile.

 I have entered into the Oldhammer chaos warband Challenge issued by tp_1983 on the Olodhammer forum:

We all rolled up random warbands and then put them all in the pot each getting someone else's warband to collect convert and paint in just over one month.

I put some restrictions on my challenge.

All miniatures are to be pre-1991. All miniatures are to come from my existing collection, no extra purchases, swaps or trades.

I have ended up with the following Warband:

Warband 9 - Erny
Chaos dwarf level 5 hero with bestial face (goat) and weapon master (WS 10). Follower of Khorne. Has chaos armour and a magic weapon with flight capability.

- 3 humans
- 5 giant wolves
- 4 chaos dwarfs
- 2 chaos goblins

This is a pretty nice warband though the conversion work isn't going to be too great with only a goat head to add to the champion. Game wise it is perhaps a little weak but not terribly so. Three of my follower units have the option to take missile weapons and I'm going to take everything they can, there are some level 15s out there after all..

On to the lead pile to put the warband together.....

Once more into the man cave. It may not look it but it is organised honest.
On top of the Freezer, a stack of three boxes of Chaos Dwarfs.

This is the box we need.

Four CD crossbows  and a little chap begging for a goat head and magic sword.

On the oposite side the the Chaos Dwarves I have a few boxes of more, "ordinary", chaos.

Another box of goodies..
I know I have more Thug archers but this was all I could find. Lucky I only need three.
This chap is needed only for his head.

That's right, it's on the bottom.

Loads a goblins..

Some nice old citadel wolves.

Two goblin Archers, one has been badly converted and will be repaired.

The full warband.

Sunday 2 March 2014

Warlord Wilfy.

Sometimes your working on a battle report and you finish a picture to add and it make you smile so much you figure you'll share it straight away.

Here is Warlord Wilfy, he has a touch of Nurgle's pox in this photo but is very happy to be bossing about the boyz.

Not bad dad, not bad.

For good measure here is his Brother Captain Artorius  trying to hide in some distinctly tired old terrain.

Space Marines are so cool.