Wednesday 20 February 2013

Oldhammer weekend and Oldhammer blog resurrected.

I figure anyone coming here already knows about the Oldhammer weekend we (I say we but I mainly mean Gaj) have been arranging. However on the off chance of catching interested people I figured it was worth posting up here as well.
So  the dates to remember are 31/8/13 to 1/9/13, the place to go is the spiritual home of citadel and the actual home of Foundry at the er.. Foundry, Nottingham, England.  Our hosts are the Ansells who need no introduction. The guests, Oldhammerers one and all.

There is lots planned but the main thing is to get involved and plan something yourself. Join the forum and get talking.

On a similar note with so much going on I’ve decided to re-launch the Oldhammerblog with what I hope is a cleaner cooler look. It was just a tool to get us all talking back last summer before Treps stepped up and hosted us a forum. There was a lot of great discussion but with the forum really taking off the poor little thing fell by the wayside.

However there is so much going on now a non personal news site that bangs the drum only for Oldhammer is perhaps a good idea, we have some great contributors already signed up form last summer. Now  I may be able to prod them into giving news worthy updates but even in their absence I’ll try to make myself useful updating with links to all significant happenings in the Oldhammersphere.

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