Friday 29 May 2015

I've done it again! Getting ready for Oldhammer weekend in a rush.

Great flier from Zhu but there is a massive problem with it. LOOK AT THE DATE!!!!!!

How have I managed to leave it until there is only 2 months to go, again!

Fimm McCools awesome Chaos Dwarf Iron clad.

In this time I need to:

Make my ships for Oldhammer Ahoy.

Paint the crew for my ships.

Finish my 40K death racer for Captain Crooks game.

Make and paint half the track for the 40K deathrace.

Spruce up my RT orks for WhiskeyPriests Vulture Warriors Game.

And at the same time my hobby mind has gone all WW2 on me. Time to stop thinking about the defence of Calais and get Oldhammering.