Wednesday 6 February 2013

Slaves to darkness Slaaneshi warband: rolling up the spells.

So now I've selected a figure for him I, "figured", I ought to roll up Dragan Dhampir's spells and those of his apprentice (no name yet, lets see what spells he/she gets and what figure I use).

Dragan is a champion of Slaneesh a level 20 wizard and due to being a half breed level 5 vampire has only an average magic level of 2 rather than 3.

This means he gets 6 level 1 spells and 3 level 2 spells but at each level the first is the relevant Slaaneshi spell. So without rolling he gets Acquiescence at level 1 and Pavane of Slaanesh at 2nd level.
All spell types are rolled for randomly in RoC no chosing which table to roll on from your racial lists. Dragan got 2 Illusionist, 2 daemonic and 1elemental at level 1 and 1 battle and 1 necromantic at level 2. So much for summoning hordes of additional help I can't get summon undead or lesser daemons with this selection.

On to roll and we get:
Clone image (Illusion), Camouflage (Illusion), Zone of Daemonic Protection (Daemonic), Dispel lesser Daemon (Daemonic) and Walk on water (Elemental) at level 1.

Flight (Battle) and summon Undead hero, lvl15 (Necromantic) at level 2.

OK some pretty week spells there, particularly for facing Khorne, where are my fire balls! Having said that the pick for me is the undead hero summoning a pre-battle auto cast is a must for this guy I think and I should probably include him in my painting plan. Often the most useless looking spells can really do some good so I guess there is hope for them all.

Now the apprentice, he is a level 10 so six spells. Also he has not yet received the mark of Slaanesh, Dragan is still his master, so he gets no auto spell. I still went with total random determination to get 3 daemonic, 2 necromantic and 1 Illusion. I rolled for spells and duplicated my roll for the 2nd Necromantic spell and the 3rd daemonic so I get to choose yay! The spells are:

Zone of life (Necromantic), Summon Skeletons (Necromantic and chosen), Bewilder Foe (Illusion), Dispel lesser daemon (Daemonic), Bind lesser daemon (Daemonic), A daemonic spell of choice, summon stead or Familiar I think but yet to choose.

There is enough duplication/similarity of effect there to say the apprentice has learnt his craft from his master. The summon skeletons I got to choose will be another pre-battle auto cast most of the time.

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