Sunday 29 November 2015

Ruglud's Armoured Orcs - The Spike-Can Commandos

So a month after orctober finished here is my finished project for the celebration of all that is orc: Ruglud's Armoured Orcs - The Spike-Can Commandos.

I tried to tread the middle path between doing a direct homage to the original paint scheme from the box and painting them to fit with my own orcs.

 Here is the front row arranged with a frontage of six. I ty was important to me to use the Arcane armorials for the shields  as these really are part of the original look and they fit in so well with the spike can commandos' back story. Another part of the story is the fact they wear plundered chaos armour so I have given a few of the pieces a nice green ink wash. Present on the originals but not as strong.

 The next row shows even more shield designs, these are the original transferes scanned and printed onto sticky paper, then painted over the top. original post on this here, I can't believe this was in 2012!
 I have used my own orc skin tones and usual basing form my orc army but I believe they enough like the original paint jobs to show I tired.

 The back row, I've used the same shield designs as on the original box, though not the same doubles out of preference.

From above the games eye view. The original box had seventeen of the commandos, I have hundreds of these guys so i may paint up a few more.

One of my favourite figures is the musician/shaman  Bambrag. And I've just noticed a big splodge of brown on the troopers shoulder from highlighting the crossbow. How embarrassing.

 Rudlug and Gudruck Bonechewer. I get confused between the two. In the story, Rudlug manages to get his helmet stuck on his head like the orc with the two handed sword but in the stats write up Rudlug has two hand weapons. I've always used the two hand weapons orc as Rudlug but where is his helmet!

Sunday 22 November 2015

Knovember Knights, part deux.

After hosting the guys from OGRE in my kitchen I'm just getting the house ship shape before the Mrs and kids get back home but thought a quick post of how my Knights turned out after two nights of painting. I'm pretty pleased and if I get some time later I'll detail how they fared.

Oh and thanks for the great evening of oldhammer guys.

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Knovember Knights and Orctober Knews.

This Saturday Erny's place will be hosting one of  OGRE's occasional gaming get togethers. The plan is to play about with some Knights.  Based upon the Combat of the Thirty I need to get some dismounted Knights painted up sharpish. Left over from when they first came out and with a few collected later I have a good number of the Perry early 1990's mounted knights but very few of the foot knights. Never fear about ten years ago I got a tonne of Black Tree designs very nice Knights. Huge lead mountains have their advantages as I don't have to wait fro the post,man to call just get painting. Her are a few to paint up including a couple of citadels in the mix.

Just three evenings to sort these out now I've based and undercoated them. Included is one of the very nice mounted knights I mentioned earlier. Apparently we may be doing some jousting.

I suspect others will be bringing knights from other time periods but I do like the harness from the early part of the 100 years war and it would be about right for the Combat of the Thirty which is about the middle of the period. Hopefully we aren't being to historic and this is a warhammer version.

It does mean my Orcs for Orctober have yet to be finished so I intend to get things wrapped up for that by the weekend. If you plan to enter the prize draw make sure you have a post up by then!

Sunday 8 November 2015

Orctober prizes

So I said I was going to offer the winner of this years orctober prize draw a choice of prize and I've finally dug out the bits I want to offer. As I still haven't got my orctober unit painted entries are still open and all you need to do is post your entry on this blog somewhere (at the bottom here would do) or on the oldhammer forum thread.

So ten plastic fantasy regiments orcs, for those that don't like painting with a shield stuck on these are usable, for those that do who can't resist a classic unit to paint up.

These two photos show one prize option, nineteen plastic fantasy regiments stikkas with a lead goblin to lead them. I happened to read some comments complaining about the price of goblin bows these days, well here is a whole unit of them, enough to meet the WHA list requirements if you like sticking to lists.

I figured I should make one option 40K so here are some classic plastic Orks in need of some love, original weapons including a plasma pistol. I must be mad.

Anyway on to finishing my boyz so I can pick a winner.