Thursday 18 September 2014

Oldhammer Quest the game.

Just a quick post to show off some photos of the game I just enjoyed with my fellow East Anglian Oldhammerers (well they're almost all from Bedfordshire). OGRE as we call ourselves met at my place, that's Erny's non-virtual place, for a bit of dungeon bashing.

We used 3rd ed rules and randomly rolled level 5 characters against a dungeon of nasties GMed by myself. I've tweaked the rules and at some point when play testing is done I'll stick them on the blog if anyone is interested. Enough of the wittering here are some photos.

Bat swarm, the ranger has to burn a fate point.

The adventurers make Short work of WPs swamp Troll.

Goblins are quickly dispatched.

Then they find the dungeons...dungeon.

Orc sleeping quarters. Murder hobos stop only to loot the bodies.

Well after a brief fight.

The thief opens the door on some of Snicket's rats

At the same time the elf finds another bat swarm.

What's cooking?

They breeze through goblins.

I should have taken more dungeon eye level photos.

How the game ended, area cleared two doors to open.

And just because I forgot to show all the guys when they came over here is Zagor from Otherworld in his Fighting Fantasy blister pack.