Saturday 7 February 2015

And the winner is...

OK it may be late but I've finally managed to rune the random numbers and come up with a winner for the prize I promised last Orctober. To remind you all here are the motley crew I picked out to give away. Turns out I have these Harboth's going spare:

And then of course on to the winner, After compiling a list of all entrants I have to say as always the dice gods picked out the perfect match for the prize. The miniatures I have to give away perfectly compliment those that he painted up, not that you have to paint miniatures for Orctober, last years winner was a text entry.

Where was I, oh yes the winner, Mathew from Oldenhammer in Toronto and here is a link to his Orctober posts:

Orctober in Toronto.

I hope Mathew finds the time to paint up the guys I'm sending him as well as this. I'll be contacting the winner shortly for an address to send these to.