Thursday, 30 September 2021

Happy Orctober once more.

 Evening all. Just a quick one as it's BOYL tomorrow and I have to get to bed but wanted to make this a proper Orctober this year so here is a couple of pictures of the orc I sculpted printed and painted. The sculpts are soft the proportions out the detail minimal but I'm happy as a first stab.

Just a quick paint job to get them up for Orctober the 1st.

Sunday, 25 October 2020

Happy Orctober, a shaman I didn't get this up sooner!!!!!

 Hi all, first of I hope several Orctober contributions a Marauder Orc shaman on wyvern. Slightly converted from the original with a cleaver instead of his puny dagger. A good change I think that I cannot lay claim to I bought him like that. 

This chap joins my other wyvern rider, the boxed citadel one, I have six more to paint up including the marauder warrior on wyvern and the two 4th ed characters.

Anyway hope you like. He may well be in battle latter today.

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Some more work on the orc.

 Thanks for nice things said on FB and here. I managed another hour on medium tonight and I'm pleased with the results. Every addition is on a separate layer of its own so I can mix and match as I sculpt alternatives. It’s a bit ham fisted but it’s got the right feel for me. Have to say I'm pleased.

Next up a couple of shields, a different weapon, maybe some armour and a hat!

Monday, 14 September 2020

My first orc sculpt

 In the past I've tried sculpting with miliputt and greenstuff, I sort of made progress but gave up, it took too long and I'd keep ruining bits I liked.

I also tried sculpting with blender but made very little progress.

I have however started on occulus medium which allows you to sculpt in VR. I have to say I love it and thought I'd share my first sculpt. It's a bare bones orc that I intend to add embellishments to and produce different figures, currently the head and arms are different models.

Now I know professional sculpters can achive amazing things, there are many very talented amatures too but all I'm trying to do is make a figure that looks like it could have been made from green stuff in the late 80's. I'm trying for a sort of Tony Akland style of orc and feel I'm making modest progress so thought I'd share.

So first some inspiration:


 And now a sculpt that needs lots of work.....

I have a long way to go, I know but its very enjoyable.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Hello again.

So very long time no post.  Like almost everyone I'm in lock down and I have photos to share. Now I don't have the backdrops I used to use anymore so I thought I'd experiment using my monitor as a back drop with mixed results. I'm also only using my phone to take pictures.

Anyway first up an old friend finally painted up....

He has a friend too...

or with different cammera settings:
I also have something you don't see every day, a light wizard and acolytes:

Like I said mixed results with the photos I'm hoping to get some nice backdrops and a decent camera sorted soon. Nice to be back.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

The harder they fall. A Supers battle report.

Today I have for you a little game enjoyed at Casa Erny some time ago. Turning it into a comic report felt like I good idea but it sure did take long. Never mind, please enjoy or at least humour me and pretend to enjoy a little story we would like to call, "The harder they fall". Played out using an early draft of Goalsystem's Super Mission Force. We have four street level villains fighting two heroes. Who will win?

Friday, 18 November 2016

Something SUPER different.

You nay have realised form the lack of posts that my painting and posting mojo really isn't where it once was. I am still enjoying gaming and honestly I do have some orcs for orctober almost finished but at the moment I am enjoying something completely different with my two boys.  We are all superhero obsessed at the moment so I thought I present to you some of the clix repaints I have been working on.

First up the fantastic four. A nice simple team to get done, with a uniform and no having to choose favourites with uniforms from a common time period like the x-men (there is so much to get wrong with them I may just give up and paint what I like). Any way the fantastic four, not master pieces but fun quick paints for me and the boys:

 I'm pleased with Ben, a big improvement over the original paint though I'm now thinking I should have trimmed away the mould lines on his head. never mind I like him.

 Sue turns invisible. OK not a paint job here, just changed the base but I'm still pleased with the look and the boys think shes great.


 The green goblin is a personal favourite. I have some acrylic rod to make flight stands of various heights but at the moment, with my modelling drills missing I'm using transparent drinking straws. He's on a low one here.

 Spidey  swings down to investigate.

And trails the unsuspecting Green Goblin from up high.

 More villains. Piledriver and Thunderballs faces haven't come out well in the photo here, small faces with very shallow detail. I've since gone back over and really beefed up the shadows and highlights.