Thursday 16 August 2012

More free fantasy card buildings.

Card buildings, card stock buildings, paper or paper stock buildings, call them what you will. Here I present another building for you to use in you games of warhammer, old hammer or any fantasy battle or rpg game. They are totally free so please download.

This time we have a bigger building (on two pages of card) that could be an Inn if you so desired. I’ve tried a little extra black ink shading/texture this time, let me know if this is an improvement. There are a number of optional shutters for the windows, an out house that should fit to any of the currently posted buildings and some Inn signs.

My original idea for the signs was to hand draw half then copy and flip the other half but because the position of scanning wasn’t parallel to the direction of drawing they have come out a little wonky. They should still work if instead of scoring and folding you cut them, stick the signs so the match up and trim the white from the post ends.

Attaching the signs shouldn’t be a problem either score a slit in the wall you wish to attach the sign to and slide it in or don’t stick the final part of the post, open it out as tabs and glue it on. Ask an adult for help with any cutting!!!
The new building can be found here:


The previous two can be found here:

I’m also very willing to consider requests

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  1. Very nice indeed - I think the shading is a great improvement too.

    Requests - something Norse in flavour, that you might perhaps see in Skeggi... ;)