Friday 3 August 2012

Another free oldhammer building

OK so I've not done anything cleaver here just made the shack longer but it's another house. We'll have a village soon.

Please feel free to download from here: Longer old hammer house.


  1. Can I request a conservatory and loft conversion as the next extensions please ;)

    Seriously though another cracking building -

    Something that would be very handy in the future would be some Norse/Viking style longhouses and roundhouses...

  2. Thantsants - Check out the free norse-themed buildings by Grendelsmother64 in the "Laketown" series at

    I made cutfiles for them as well, which you can find at

  3. Thanks for posting this Erny, it looks great!

    Being more of a collector than a gamer, I tend to prefer more “realistic” buildings. However, I have used your template, after modifying it and further miniaturising it, to make a miniature dollhouse for 28mm scale (I figure kids in a fantasy-medieval world must have liked playing with toys too). May I have your permission to share the modified template with other miniature lovers (for free of course)?

  4. Sure, just stick a link back here so anyone wanting the full size can get it.

    1. Thank you. Will definitely post a link back to this blog when I get it done and post it up.

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