Tuesday 17 July 2012

Wombles innnn spaaaaace

OK to follow on from my RT Orks post here are a few space wombles. These are really old paints on even older minis, a few lead but almost all the classic beaky marines from what really was a ground breaking early plastic set.

I've only taken photos of one squad, you've seen one grey marine you've seen them all, but there are several tactical squads and a couple of all lazcannon devastator squads in the army. I never really named these guys, every chapter name i came up with just didn't seam to work, Emperor's Swords, Emperor's knights, Grey Swords.. they all just didn't cut it. A massive 10 worthless points for anyone coming up with a name I really like, salient points, they are grey and have a sword emblem on the shoulder pad.

Whirlwind conversion.
This is how dreadnoughts actually look.

Not sure where the second multi melta has gone.

The vehicles are particularly ropey paints but I love em not quite to pieces. Not sure why Space marines always write, "Kill!", on their tanks, probably because it is cool. I have some bikes knocking about somewhere and five of the riding lizards that I've yet to do anything with.


  1. Looking very nice there Erny. My recent return to Rogue Trader is whipped up further by these beauties.

    A quick question- how did you create the atmospheric backgrounds?

    My suggestion for their name;

    The Ashen Blades Chapter

  2. I spent ages a few years back trying to work out how to add backgrounds to my photos in the gimp until I came up with the following low-tech method. Find a cool picture, alter the colour ranges on the gimp print it off and use as a backdrop. Sometimes the old ways of doing stuff gets the best results.

    Oh and good lighting. I like to use a classic three point lighting system even for minis helps them stand out from the background without diminishing it.

  3. Very nice Enry. I'm gonna second Orlygg's suggestion. Ashen Blades is a good one in my book.

  4. Arghhhhh, polystyrene and cocktail stick space-plants! Models look fantastic, too.

  5. Great collection you have there!

  6. Fun to see these.
    I've still got two boxes of the plastics that need paint on them... someday soon.

    I like the idea of 'ash' in their title somehow... 'Ash' more than 'Ashen' but 'Ash Blades' is too close to 'Ass Blades'... so nevermind.

  7. I remember trying the whirlwind conversion... never made it look as you did there! I also attempted the scratch build Baneblade tank made from Rhino hull and lots of plasticard!