Saturday 14 July 2012

Oldhammer Fanzine.

Really sorry Zhu, your work has sort of been adopted but we can always look elsewhere.
OK while we have momentum lets keep running. I mentioned a Fanzine and there was some general agreement this would be pretty cool. I'm not stupid I know a fanzine could well be an awful lot of work but in an effort to at least give it a go I'd like to suggest some ideas. Oh but not before apologising to Zhu for abusing his cool Oldhammer logo. Sorry Zhu I hope you forgive the liberty.

First to consider the look. Part of me thinks a nice B&W amateur look is where this should go. A bigger part thinks if it had a passing resemblance to the way an old once beloved gaming mag used to look then that would hit all the right buttons.

Next I'll run through a few ideas that would be great to include in the fanzine in no particular order.

Every great mag starts somewhere.
  •  An 'evy Metal section. Showcase different Oldhammerers best minis. If we could persuade someone with loads of talent like Dave King (who has already done a few 'eavy Metal homages) to be a resident Blanche or McVey for us so much the better.
  • An introduction to the rules. A good look at 3rd and 2nd for the uninitiated.
  • Scenarios. Thantsants has already proposed some generic scenarios, it would be great to have these as part of  the fanzine. Expand on as an example introductory scenario even?
  • Counters for the scenario just like they used to provide. That way anyone new with access to the rules but no miniatures can play.
  • New Oldhammer. Tips on playing the old way with new games. Reviews of modern games that capture the spirit of oldhammer.
  • Oldhammer reviews. Reviews of those expensive or rare, usually both, collectors items. Are they worth it? What should you expect to pay?
  • Interviews with those in the, "scene", about their involvement and passion.
  •  A cartoon, why not?
  • Decent art work. We can't rip off old WD art we need our own.
  • Fighting fantasy corner. Do we branch out and cover other old school things and broaden appeal or stay focused?
  • WHFRP corner?
  • Heroquest corner?
  •  Pipe dream time: Interviews with those who were there? Hero Hammers.

Well if anyone has any ideas, plans, wants to be involved let me know.


  1. I would be excited to help....time permitting...which means for me mostly the winter. I would suggest a fairly short zine to get things off the doesn't need to Abe 50 pages long....he'll it doesn't even need to be 10 pages long.

    Keep me in the loop!


  2. I'd be in for doing some artwork.

  3. Just a question, are you talking about an e-fanzine (in pdf) or a real paper fanzine ?

    I hope it is an e-fanzine !

  4. Oh yes an e-fanzine, peopel c an then print it out if they wish. Always room for some gallic wisdom on it you know...

  5. Oh and thanks for the artwork offer knobgobbler. Did you have ideas of your own or would you be available to produce the odd piece for someone else’s article?

  6. I'd be happy to help with artwork as well. I think this is a great idea.

  7. As I said on the Oldhammer Blog I'd like to propose a scenario, also and if there is any interest I could show off an almost complete collection of all the stuff related to Warhammer produced by GW since the beginning (for the Warhammer and Warhammer 40k universes except White dwarf as I'm missing some issues before issue #50)...

  8. I was thinking I would draw what was needed... Illustrations, floorplans, maps... whatever the 'coordinator' asked for... rather than random stuff out of context.

  9. Definitely love to help on the scenario front. I've got one typed up in google documents already and a load more on the boil - including one involving an old hammer - could be the introductory one you're looking for. There's also the secenarios I've played myself I'd be happy to contribute as well as the ones I am in the process of writing for my Magnificent Sven reboot.

    I think my art skills would be put to shame by what we have already seen but if you want an amateurish look... ;) Might be able to come up with something satisfactory if its only the size of a counter though.

    It would be amazing if Dave came on board as our resident Blanche!

    I'd also be most interested to see what is going on in France, Spain and other foreign climes.

    I'd be more than happy to do something on Fighting Fantasy - been contemplating adding something to my own blog - don't forget Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG as well as WHFRP.

    All sounds really good -especially if we can get some interviews with the likes of the Goblinmaster and others.

  10. If you want I will ask Kevin if he wants to give us an Interview, he is really a nice guy and I'm pretty sure he will be OK. Just tell me so that I send him an e-mail regarding this.

    1. You've got my vote - be good to talk to him about all the new sculpting he's up to these days as well as hs Green period.

  11. I'm finding this explosion of activity surrounding the Cult of the Oldhammer a little overwhelming to be honest, but this does sound like a great idea ('though I still think a print 'zine with typewriter font and pseudo-cut n' paste aesthetics et cetera would be cool too!). Don't know if I could contribute anything yet given my Oldhammer cherry has only recently been popped, so to speak. Maybe I could make the tea (not for Thantsants, though: his always goes cold...)?

    1. That's when I don't dip my paint brush in it!

      Do like the idea of a paper fanzine - just a lot more work. Be nice to see it coming through the letter box each month or quarter though!

    2. Haha! I almost did that today whilst working on my Golden Gobbo entry. The problem is that when painting (or pretending to) the only feasible place to place a mug of beverage is right next to my mug of...water. That's why I generally prefer a pint of some potent ale/stout: then there's no confusion!

  12. I'm up for this and your ideas sound great Erny. I'd be happy to do/contribute to a "collectors corner" type of article that deals with rarity, value and other collecting issues. I've been ebaying for over 10 years so I've got some experience to back me up... :-)


    1. Yep sounds great Steve, I have about 10 years experience myself but never with selling and only ever bargains never some of the more interesting purchases out there so you are probably better placed.

      I'm beginning to form an idea of what we should include in the first issue and who can help so do stay tuned.