Monday 9 July 2012

1:3 model

Recently I've been doing some 1:3 modeling of Norse warriors.

OK so this is really number 1 mini Erny dressed up as Thor (as he requested) for his preschool "Graduation".  I figured with so much gamer dad talk on the bloggs recently no body would mind the indulgence. Golden Heroes and Marvel superheros RPG are both very retro though!


  1. That is pure WIN!!! well done dad! I bet he acts better than the "thor" from the movie too! :)

    1. He sure does, though someone needs to tell him whose side he is on. He was merrily hammering all the eight spidermen all "graduating" at the same time. He and a power ranger were the only unique super heroes there.

  2. Ha, very cool! As a comics geek (with Marvel as a special interest) I approve!