Tuesday 22 February 2011

A short post from a proud Father!

I finally won an original Monster Manual for a fair price in excellent condition on ebay recently. I got home from work yesterday to a lovely brown package to unwrap, my 2 year old son Arthur is very good at unwrapping gifts so he insisted on helping me opened it.

“OOO, exciting book!”,  he exclaimed as we revealed the beautifully naive and colourful cover of the seminal work. “You read it to me”, how could a proud father do anything less. A most happy session was then spent as Arthur pointed to every single illustration (OK I skipped a few scary pictures very quickly before he got to them) and said, “what’s that?” Except for the Dragons and real animals because he knew exactly what they were. The picture of the sealion (think merlion rather than the pinniped) fighting the shark was of particular interest, he held the book open at that page as he drank the illustration in. He has got cuddly dragons, now I need to get him some cuddly sealions!


  1. Nice find and good work on educating the next generation!

    My two year old son loves watching my "monsters" as they pop up on my screensaver! He can already spot a Dalek and a Cybermen at a hundred paces and knows what Trolls are - just working on the other goblinoid races with him now...

  2. When will you explain the fine differences between Olley and Adams gobbos, Thants? =)

    Erny, heart warming story! I'm envious and can only hope my sprog will grow up to be such a sympathetic individual as your son seems to be!

  3. Your a dad Phreedh? Missed that one congratulations! Oh and another geek dad tip, you can pick up the complete run of the DnD cartoon for about £7 on Amazon. Arthur loves it though everything is either a dragon or a monster.

  4. Thanks Erny, indeed I am. =D Will have to look into the DnD stuff, as bright and garish as it may be I think it'll capture the young'un's attention quite well.