Tuesday 1 February 2011

Imperial Dwarves

OK, I still haven’t finished the first unit for the scenario I hope to revisit as the first major project for this blog. Therefore no new paints to put on here.

However In the interests of keeping the ball rolling I’m going to post the first in a set of posts detailing parts of my collection that I painted some time ago. These photos have probably all appeared on one forum or another over the years but hey I guess they’ll be new to some and I want them collected in one place too.

First up is Dwarves specifically Imperial Dwarves. Now don’t mistake them for dwarfs from the Empire of men. These are full on Worldsedge Mountains Empire of Dwarves, Dwarves. I’m reasonably certain that these high medieval guys are all Perry sculpts from the mid to late ‘80s. And we can start off with a unit of Hammerers, the great lord wears his hold colours of red and yellow which are also clearly displayed on his shield and the surcoats of his body guard of mighty hammer wielding hearthguard.
Mighty Lord Bruhaha.

The artisans and tradesmen of the hold also march to war, lead by the elder son of the holds lord. They carry a mix of weapons but are well armoured as you would expect from a unit of smiths, masons, engineers and armourers.

We are the knights that say, "come and have a go if you think your hard enough."

Next is a unit of crossbow Dwarves with much the same uniform.

What do you call a miffed knot?  A crossbow.....No? Please yourself.

Finally the hold brings it’s great crossbows to war.


More Dwarves another day.


  1. Great units Erny! Looking forward to see more! The terrain and surface looks ace too!

  2. Lord Bruhaha - quality name!

    Looking good Erny - better on the end of a Gobbo spear though!