Wednesday 16 February 2011

Dwarf fest continues...

So a continued Dwarf-fest over at Frothers has prompted me to add a next instalment of my old dwarven army to the blog. This time the Clan contingents Oath sworn to Lord Bruhaha.

A unit of Clans dwarfs first. After the Paul Bonner illustration in Warhammer armies of Clans Dwarfs how could I use the classic plastic Fantasy Regiments Stunties for anything else? There are a few psycho-styrene dwarf heads used for variety (one day I’ll get an actual unit of these very early GW plastics finished). Their leader is the AHQ plastic dwarf and clearly the inspiration for the hammer shields as the rest of them are armed with axes. Excuse the painiting they are quite old PJs.

Olaf Smashedfingersen and his clan Dwarfs.

Next a unit of crossbow dwarves, the same plastic ones converted with the Dark Elf crossbow from the same set, they have lead Perry champion and standard and represent the clans ballistic capabilities.

The Clan Arrers, I really need to add some sort of device to the shields (that and some decent highlights & details &....)

Finally for this entry the clans raving, frothing slayers. Later sculpts but still old school no? I'm a bit happier with these PJs but still old and I am doing better these days.

Slayers, nuff said.

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