Tuesday 15 March 2011

I'm a bit busy...

So I've be preparing stuff for a second round of LL and actually playing, ergo no posts for a while. To keep things ticking over here are a few shots of my Slaaneshi stuff old paints but good record here:

I'm looking at you big boy...

Hello darling...

I'd do anything.. for a better PJ.
Not sure why there are no pics of my Daemonette units or mounted knights. The fiends, champions and thugs are still sadly in the lead pile.


  1. Cool stuff!
    My friends and I have just started up with WFB 3rd so I'm painting up a Chaos force. I've got all the bits except thugs... must find more thugs.

  2. They look good, direcly come from the Vintage Realms of Chaos... as I like. Dont forget pics of demonettes and knights.