Friday 13 June 2014

Empire Crossbows. Gettign ready for Bring out your lead 2014.

Having signed up to a big 3rd ed siege game for BOYL14 it is probably about time I got my units ready. I've decided to experiment with the dips that are available from a bunch of companies these days. The idea being to get the units finished in record speed. I've also decided to take the figures to base coat and washed (rather than dipped) first and moving straight onto an new unit. This doesn't mean they are finished, just gameable with, in case I fail to finish everything to more exacting standards.

Here is the first unit I've finished to the stage where I'm happy to move on but looking forward to go back and finish.

 Here we have eighteen crossbows, the three with plastic crossbows are from my original 1980's collection, most of the rest are original citadel picked up from ebay and the obvious ones are from the re-released foundry-citadel mercenaries.

 I have tried to give them a sort of uniform, purple and yellow which sort of follows standard colour on metal of the middle ages but keeps them distinct from Bretonian forces. I've also tried to keep them looking like a ragtag bunch with a mix of uniforms/personal choices. Obviously the majority of these are late middle ages not really Landsknechtes so I haven't gone for a riot of colour.
 The two guys in the middle here are the crossbow offerings available in the foundry citadel mercenary re-release packs. They were picked up at the first BOYL last year.
I've done some simple head swaps to get more variety. To find out where the heads went stay tuned!
I'm looking forward to getting back to these and doing the highlights to properly finish these but once the bases are done they are usable now and I still have a lot to do.

Speaking of which here is a single picture of the next unit I'm going to paint up to this stage:


  1. That's a very good solution not to find yourself empty handed on the day.
    It reminds me of the method explained in old WDs (circa 130) where they had a 4 step painting method. Step one being to block all basic colours, then adding washes , highlights up to details. A level 1 model being the minimum for gaming and a level 4 (ir was there a level5?) being your top job.
    Headswaps and inverting colours is always a cost-effective way to add some variety in such a big unit.
    very well playd. I'll see them on the day.

    1. I think that is what I had in mind when I decided to got this route, to be honest they look OK from a distance, with the bases done they will probably be fine for gaming, I just want them looking better.

      There are doubles of most figures so yes I've done a bit of inverting of colours too.

  2. Great looking figures and painting. I have a few of these guys somewhere....must dig them out.

  3. Thanks, they'll look much nicer once I get time to do the highlights, details and bases.

    One of the problems of looking at what other people are up to is it reminds you of whats in your own lead pile not getting done.

    1. "One of the problems of looking at what other people are up to is it reminds you of whats in your own lead pile not getting done."

      Oh my, yes. I found an old box in which I had 'hidden' away some of my Dwarf Regiments of Renown. Not only Bugman's Brewers (old and 'new' styles), but Prince Uther's Dragon Company, and the Slayer pirates. I do not have enough time left upon Earth to paint everything I want to paint - and I am young, healthy, and come from long-lived stock. I think that it is time to investigate paths to lich-dom...

    2. The path to lich-dom is easy. Just make sure you have one unit still unpainted and you'll keep going.

  4. Do I see a colour primer in use on the second unit? Good call if so, I find them really useful now so most of my stuff I plan to paint in the future will make use of these.

    The Crossbows look great Bro, do the bases as you say and if you don't get around to finishing them for this year's BOYL then you can still use them and get them finished for next year's one.

    1. Sort of, about half of them i got off ebay already undercoated. Orc brown is a close match so I just painted the others the same colour to match, though obviously hadn't yet when the photo was taken.