Sunday 9 March 2014

BEF platoon for Chain of Command.

I have a lot of historical stuff, all sorts of periods, indeed when this blog goes quiet I'm often painting historicals. I've never actually shown any of my historics on this blog. I always intended to start Erny's other place for my historics but never did.

Three things have happened to make me change my mind. Firstly I thought why not put them on this blog now that the Oldhammer blog is up and running again and well the whole Oldhammer community is pretty strong I can stop banging on about it. Secondly I've really got into Chain of Command by Too Fat Lardies. I have painted up a platoon of BEF in 15mm. At this scale the games ground scale is 1:1 which for a WW2 game is pretty special. I have been working on some terrain too and had photographed a little setup to show you but hesitated over adding historics to this blog. Finally Orlygg went and posted historics today so why not.

These are Peter Pig early war. The last European theater British I painted were 10 years ago late war 20mm for Rapid Fire. I really enjoyed getting these done rather than stands of 15mm for FoW. I just need to get the Jerries done now.

I'd be happy to add more historic stuff if people are interested.


  1. Very nice! I for one am more than happy to see and read about historical wargaming on these blogs... it's not something I've got into thus far, but I am always interested in broadening my horizons and seeing what else is out there.

  2. Awesome. I never understood the need some seem to have to separate historical and fantasy, anyway. All miniature wargaming is fantasy, if you ask me. Someday, I'm going to have Warhammer Orc Boys mixing it up with Waffen SS Panzergrenadiers. Think of it. Snotling stands swarming up on Sturm pioneers armed only with Flame Throwers...Trolls still on their feet and laying about them after being torn half apart by panzerfausts...Who's with me?

    Anyway...lovely minis and table...I like Peter Pig's stuff...I'm awfully tempted to jump into their Spanish Civil War range... A lot of people who know their stuff are talking about Chain of do you rate it against Flames of War, or say, Command Decision? I picked up FOW because it was there, and it's very well supported, but I do have some problems with it, now that I've played a few games...

  3. I saw a really fun looking game of Mud and Blood (WW1) last weekend at the York Blog Con event.

    Great looking set up Erny - I must do something with my Blacktree Russians and Germans some day.

    By the way - I nominated you for a liebster. No worries if it's not your cup of tea though!