Monday 23 June 2014

We're an anarcho-syndicalist commune. Landestrum for my Empire army.

 Or oh there's some lovely filth down 'ere.

Ten days after finishing the basic paint job on the crossbows I've managed to finish the Landestrum peasants. A mix of original citadel and a few foundry re-releases. I've done a few weapon swaps to add some farm implements and to break up the all clubs vibe that was going on. The weapons are all from Essex miniatures and were available when these figures first came out. I know because I bought some at the time from the Guardroom in Dunstable.

I've always wanted a unit of these, pathetic aesthetic and all that. After playing Whiskey Priest's Brettonians I have a new found respect for human levys. Mind you his peasants had shields and spears, mine just hand weapons. There are so many scenarios where a mob of unwashed filth is just the ticket so really I had to get these done. Who knows they may even turn out to be stars on the battlements, throwing rocks and rotten turnips isn't that hard.

Scythes and picthforks from Essex miniatures turn beggars into sons of the land.
 You'll have someones eye out with that, oh, er..
The mob.

As I mentioned in my post about the crossbows, I'm speed painting here, base coat and shade. If I get time I'll go back and highlight before but certainly after BOYL14. They are far from perfect but they'll do at a pinch. To be honest I'm itching to get some layers on them they are so full of character. However I have other units to get done and I think less than two months now. Speaking of other units the next unit to get the speed paint treatment are these old perry halberdiers.


  1. Cracking peasants, remind me of some of the guys in 'Flesh and Blood' .

  2. Love the palette you went for, superb models.

  3. The yellows and browns suitably disgusting in a good way, really nice for 'tabletop standard'.

  4. Great work Bruv, I need to get back to the paint brush!

  5. Great looking Landestrum peasants, I like the conversions of head swaps and weapons. Your speed painting is very effective.