Thursday 28 March 2013

Otherworld goodies.

OK I'll admit, this is a bit of a showing off post but look what I picked up from round the corner at Otherworld HQ today:
First two adventurers boxed sets and about 2/3rds of the stretch goal goodies.

Inside one of the boxed sets.

So far my favorite extra! Sad I know but I love Familiars. These are tiny.
Perhaps I'll do a bit of a review in  the coming days.


  1. Great purchase, they boxes look so 80's as do the foam inserts. Familiars are great. I expect you have seen all the ones Reaper do, but also Magister Militum do some nice little frogs and Rapier Miniatures some great cats. Look forward to seeing these painted.

    1. Never got round to buying the reaper ones, will check out the others. These are all jumping the paint que even as we speak.

  2. Nope, still nothing in the post

  3. Richard has only just got these in, I live round the corner from him so was able to pick these up in person.

  4. I'm patiently waiting by my letterbox, waiting for mr postman to brighten up my day...

  5. Lovely stuff, are the boxes standard issue with the adventurer sets or a special treat for kickstarter backers?

  6. Yes I think you can still get the boxed sets but you can buy individual blisters as well.

  7. I was so close to investing in that Kickstarter - just didn't have the cash at the time!

    They look great and I'll have to invest in some of the boxed sets some time...