Tuesday 12 March 2013

Oldhammer online?

Just a quick post this morning to show the redone goblin spears and orc boys I’ve added to my set of tokens. Thantsants and Warlord Paul are on board and hopefully this Friday well have the first game of what I hope will be a bit of a break through for my ambitions to play Oldhammer with so many of the wonderful Oldhammerers around the world.

Again, I don’t think I can be too clear about this, I’m using photos of my own miniatures for my own personal use.

Orc boys and Gobbo spears face off against stout Dwarven warriors.


  1. YES! Forward my brave Goblin boys, forward ho! And may the great God Gork, or possibly Mork, give us lucky dice and a consistent internet connection!

  2. Interesting. You can do the same thing with Roll20.net, except you have to manually "wheel" units. Is there a way to pivot a block of infantry in your program?

  3. This is roll20, the issues with wheeling can be resolved. The GM has copies of the units on another page at different angles to swap in as turns occur. Simple.

  4. Looking great Erny - really looking forward to this.

    I hope my Dwarves are stout of heart as well of waist...