Tuesday 22 December 2015

Wrapping Orctober up for Christmas!

OK what are the usual excuses, you've heard them all before from a million bloggers, they are all true for sure and blahh, blahhh blahh. I haven't posted in ages and I should have. So I'm determined to get the final entries for orctober which technically finished a month late in November and yet hasn't been rounded up till the end of December.

Good job there were so many cool orcy projects to distract you from my tardiness.

First to have a look at everything that I haven't yet covered here, and here (two months ago!) 

Mr Mouse brought us another wonderful offering in the shape of the Bad Moon Boyz.

A great version of a classic unit and an awesome bit of orcy fiction to go with them.

Sean added another entry with some 20mm orcs. Little guys loads of character.  My 20mm plastics never looked this good.

Riotville had a squigg, a grot and a drummer to add.

A riot of colour again sir, nice figure, well painted.

Mr Papafakis had some ork boyz for us. Classic RT boyz, a mix of the boxed set boyz and others there is some really great painting here and top notch bases.

Bane gave us a great orc warband designed using my own generator. What can I say about the warband, seeing is believing I guess.


Over on the forum there were more good things too:

Jeff had some of Ruglud's finest for us, way brighter than my own and with his distinctive shields.

But wait that wasn't enough and we also got more, que the daily rate boyz.

We must be getting close to an army shot now Jeff.

Paul/Golgfag1 had even more early citadel goodness in his usual vast quantities:

Lord Chaotl Oml painted a spiffing shaman, I've always loved this miniature especially when well painted as here.

BulldogLopez has an awesome slice of monowheel ork zooming out way. I love the pink ears.

And last but not least Blacksmith finished off his warband, a little late but he had already submitted an entry and who am I to judge. Anyway a super 90's look orc Mordheim band.

So that's all the entries. I want to say thanks to everyone that joined in, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Honestly, I may not have gotten round to posting this last round up till now but I did read and/or drool over every entry as they were posted up.

What was that? A prize? Oh yes a prize, I'm goign to play Father Orcmas and wait until the night of the 24th to pick the winner out of my gofaster red hat. Merry Orcmas!


  1. I need to repaint my old Boyz. They're looking pretty haggard right now.

  2. Great selection. Bane's warband just screamed "MID 1980'S" to me the second I saw it. Really reminded me of a line up in White Dwarf's Tabletop Heroes around the the 60's issues. Some of the figures are later than that, but the colours, and basing as well as the standard are classic. Nice to see some 1/72 plastics there too...some great figures coming from Dark Alliance and Caesar (and only about £6 for 40!!).

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