Thursday 24 December 2015

Merry Orcmas, we have an Orctober winner!

Ho, Ho Waghhh! I bring Orcmas cheer. Not only have i cunningly managed to combine my favourite fantasy tribe with my favourite time of the year I also have a prize winner drawn randomly from all this years orctober entries...

And the winner is.....

The draw may be random but this is definitely a worthy winner such awesome paining on a great selection of figures. I love the flamer ork in denim overalls the original ork with auto cannon, the wonderful green skin tones and general attention to detail. 

Well done Mr P. do let me know which of the prizes on offer you would like. 

And finally Merry Christmas to everyone. Here's dreaming of a green Christmas.


  1. Definitely a worthy winner and a talented one on top of that (not to mention a top bloke). Yeahs and thumbs up to both of you !

  2. Wonderful boyz. Congratulations!!

  3. What the!!!

    Wow, I won.....I can't body believe it :D

    Thanks for organising this event, without it I would never have gotten these guys painted up.

    As a side note, I just had a look back at the original Orctober post you did, at the comments section. Looks like my "abuse" did indeed pay off after all :D:D:D

    Could I be a little cheeky with my prize Erny, and ask for a good scan of the RBT01 box instead of the minis? I've already got far too many of the little buggers to paint up before I die anyway :(

    Thanks again Erny, you da man!