Monday 3 August 2015

Oldhammer weekend! BOYL 15 Erny style.

Nobody can capture the full, glorious,  geeky,  majasty of BOYL in a single blog post, though some get close. Still ever one to reassess a situation and come up with something that can work I'd like to present to you in pictures Erny's trip to East Stoke and how it all panned out for me.

Just got in at about 3.30 on Friday straight into my first game of Oldhammer Ahoy.

I got yo play with Harry's Junk. Yeah I said it.

Oh look Orks.

Cool Orks.

Oh look Orcs.

Erny you are playing a game get back to it.
Break for piss up and sleep. No pictures were taken. What happens at Oldhammer Piss up stays at Oldhammer Piss up. (Mainly drinking very good beer, playing kids games and eating silly amounts of Kebab. Shhh. Don't tell them I told you)

Second game of oldhammer ahoy. Someone said the shark ogre was an illusion but it still killed some wardancers.

I just like this shot.

Yeah thats me and the Goblin Master after he did my face on a previously unreleased 40k cloaked.....dude.. The minimum he was asking for was a £5 donation. That's £5 for a Kev Adams original. I'm certain most gave much more and were very happy to do so. Look at that smile.

Opps I forgot I'm playing a game, hang on.

Cool slan, cool game, cool chaos. Whats going on?

Very pretty.

ERNY back to the game please. Oh,"You have sunk my battle ship." Nobody but my brother got the quote. I'm terrible with names but the Ghost ship was great and I clearly remember playing against the same chaps undead in the siege game. He has a great undead army and navy now. Anyway he did for me..

Just in time for setting up Forenrororenronds last stand. A favourite of mine, its reasonably safe to assume I've played it more than anyone elsew on earth, but I've never played it quite like this. Fimm made the counters and I drew the map. I think it looks splendid.

Then I get a call that someoen needs my orks. They were even polite enough not to laugh at the ten year old paint jobs.

They look cool in WPs Vulture warrior terrain though.

Opps wasn't I doing something else.

I won't give away the ending but here we have the players (well my brother played too) They may have been three Brothers or two brothers and  a friend. Sibling rivalry was only just visible simmering beneath the surface. And that was just me and Snicket. Oh and Fimm gave me the tokens so let me know if you'd like to play some time and  you know if time and geography permit..

Hey someone has set my ship up looking all cool in Marienburg. Check out Liber Malific for the work of some sea and Mordhiem obsessed fellow travellers.

Yep, that looks cool.
Pause for slightly smaller piss up and sleep.

Hey there's my bit of the Death race track all set up. Wait a minute I didn't set it up, I hadn't even met Captain Crooks how did that happen?

Man that track all works so well.

Start the game.

Start cheating. (I'll explain in another post.)

Hey the Volksvagn.

ERNY! get back to the game.

Hah JB's in the Lava.

And what is my Brother up to now. 4th ed at Oldhammer! Cool.

ERNY! Get back to the game. Hey I crashed.

I thought the big goofy Giant head was on the Ahoy Table. Huyuck, Huyuck.

Dakka, Dakka.

Hey no fair.

Also not shown here is buying toys and trading, chatting. Hangin', chillin', Little bit a illin'. You know, being cool.


  1. Thanks for all the pic's Erny. They look great! Nice, simple photo dump with a funny descriptions.

    I reckon I'd have had a major geekgasm if I saw all those painted minis in Bryans' display cabinet's....awesome!

    Kick arse!

    1. Last year he let us look round part of his house at all the miniature cabinets...

  2. Nice round up Bro!

    Remind me next year to take more pics of other stuff!!!!

    1. Its easy to get sucked into just the games you are doing yourself. I failed to get many photos other than what I was doing too.

  3. What a great personal take on the oldhammer weekend, Erny! One can feel your excitement and joy jumping out from these wonderful photos! Glad the event was a big success!

    1. I'm still running on total joy. My work colleagues are wondering what the big smile is all about.

  4. Love it! Love the ADD touch :-). The Ghost Ship was mine...I distinctly remember you starting the fight by trying to drop a rock on my ship with your hawk rider! It was a great game...and I absolutely loved your scratch built ship!

    1. Good to put an online and real name to a face. And I'm certain you shot your cannon at me first...

  5. Looks fabulous!

    What? No, these aren't tears of jealousy because I couldn't be there, no... just dusty in here.. or hayfever *sniff*

    1. Your abcense was noted and felt, though I suspect it was tougher on you than it was on us.

  6. Erny - I think there's a game they're still waiting for you to come back to ; )

    I was so impressed by your Forenrond table - beautiful!

    Can't wait to take on the big project for next year - and we will have to go head to head at some point! It was a shame Gilliam's Folly didn't get ton tangle with your beautiful Sea Elf ship but I was more than happy to leave you playing by yourself with Harry's Junk!

    1. I don't rememeber the ending of the death race so I guess in a way I still need to get back to a game. I also susspect they gave up waiting.

      Arthurs Orthocone got to battle Gilliam's Folly. More on that in another post.

      Oh and worth pointing out, if Harry's junk isn't handled properly a nasty supprise bursts out from deep inside it. So watch it.

  7. Great recap of the weekend. I really liked your ship and truck.