Tuesday 2 June 2015

VRRRrrooooooMMMmmmmm!!!!!!! Back at ya.

Right this was going to be a lets get on and finish some stuff for BOYL15 post. But after WP's recent blog about his Ork Trucks I thought it time to start finishing my Ork truck for death race 40,000. The sea elf ship I've been working on can wait.

It didn't take long to find the RC truck I've been making and I decided it needed some arming and crewing. I want to put a bit more RT into it to, this is for the world (opps sorry North America),  joint world premier Oldhammer event.

I found out a couple of my old RT Ork Buggies and a bike and had at it with the blue tack.

The driver fits perfectly as does the chainsword wielding loony bike rider. I added the two buggy weapons and thought it still needed more. I tried fitting the bike auto cannon to the underside and in the middle of the front but offset just looked more Orky.

I'm going to leave them temporarily fixed for a few days to see if I'm certain but input from others is welcome. Should I just reinstate them with their original vehicles (who could all get plastic drivers and crew so no waste) or should I keep as is?

Not enough colour I know so with WP showing off his three Battle waggons I thought I'd raise him with something I've just found in my garage.

Sadly not my work, I did make one the very week the plans came out in WD and I have seen it in my current  garage but not for a while. I picked these up off ebay for about a tenner a couple of years ago. They are nicely done even if they used old glue sticks in stead of paint pots for gun barrels.


  1. That is quite the lift kit on your truck Sir, with that in mind it would look real orkish if you had some iron rungs made from wire installed onto one or both sides of your truck, I can't see irks using an actual ladder perse. I think you should use the plastic drivers so as to keep as many metal figs usable in game, I think it may be a bit of a waste but the metal figs do lend more 'favour' then again plastic figs are so easily converted.
    Lastly I know it may not be considered only but the truck looks unfinished without a piece to cover your box extension, a massive lift gate simiair to those on a pick up would look great and it gives you another reason to scratchbuild.
    Besides that unless your irks are flash gitz maybe tone down the rims?
    If you have time a roof for the cabin?
    Could you mount the big gun in the front of the box and put it on a swivel? Stick the other single barrel job off the back as well, it will look great as a pair.
    I'm not trying to tell you your business but I've built my fair share of trucks in my day.
    Oh and an aerial, a long one tied pinned on the hood but mounted from the back.
    If you can manage try to swap trade buy or steal a dozer blade, that "ram" on the front is a standout feature (good or bad is up to you) so getting rid of it will automatically distance yours from the others on the table, because guaranteed there will be more than one.

    1. Glad you like the lift kit but it's more than that, this truck drives! I've cleared a couple of ramps with it and the suspension works a dream..

      You have some persuasive good points 24, I've been considering a roll cage for the cabin rather than a hard top and I know the rear needs something. Are you proposing a lift gate in the down position? It could work for fitting more orks in.

      The trims were going to get at the very least a hack with a blade and rusty paint job. I have lots of 3rd ed orc shields and I have been considering attaching some but it may look a bit too twee. Aerials are I think a must.

      Progress report in a few days then.

  2. I think the only thing your buggy is lacking is a ORK HEAVY METAL BAND.
    [cue hair metal]

    1. I have the figures, they've been in a box somewhere for almost ten years now. It may be time to paint them up, do I have time though?

  3. So are you going to be taking your turn from a distance using the remote control, perhaps from a comfy seat at the bar?

  4. I have nowhere near enough skill with the RC to pull that off, I'd just ruin the game for everyone. But maybe a post game demonstration.

  5. Oh, man, this one is awesome, haha, really looking forward to see it finished!!