Thursday 7 August 2014

Pre-BOYL post, some other stuff I got painted.

Here is Graf Von Bonk originally of Middenland. After painting his shield I realised it had a striking resemblance to a logo from my youth hence his name and Province of origin. Remind me to tell you the account of how he rescued the griffon he rides from certain death at the hands of raving fanatics. Yep that would be the Middenland Bonk Griffon Saver Account.

Next we have those Templars. Their Grandmaster has a fiery temper indeed they call him Blitz for just this reason. To rid the main temple of this tiresome Brother and his five angry followers they were sent on a missionary exercise to Avalone. So here are Großmeister Blitz und der wütende fünf. I'm sure you can imagine a white line of these charging down to deliver the steel tipped message.

I originally did these with just the hearts on but they looked wrong so added the poor attempt at a tangle of roses. Oh we'll it is important to try.

Last here are those houses from a couple of posts ago painted. I must go pack now.


  1. That made me giggle! See you on saturday

  2. Most humorous and great looking stuff. Good luck!

  3. I was so feverishly painting I didn't get a chance to post up my work, I'll do it after BOYL - See you in a few hours!