Tuesday 22 July 2014

Reiksguard knights.

I promise I'm still working on the Templars but in the mean time here is another speed painted unit. The horses in particular need some more love but they will look fine from three feet away. I've had these knights for many, many years though they were not part of my first Empire army. They were released in time to be used in games of 3rd edition warhammer before 4th was released  so I am still sticking to my guns about making this a 3rd ed army, just.

I do have a 4th ed army and these guys are part of it so I've painted them up in the familiar red and white rather than the purple of this force. I'll be using them as +3 elites. Somewhere I have a bunch of the individual empire standard poles, if I ever find them one of these knights will get a conversion to a standard bearer. That's got to be a promotion.

If I find the time they may be joined by my knights panther with original paint job from the early 90's tided up a bit.

 Here they are ready to ride down some commoners, er, I mean green skins.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, they look cleaner in real life but I will get back to them honest.

  2. Looking good Bro.

    The Knights Panther defo need to be completed for our own personal nostalgia's sake.

  3. Great looking unit. I really like the old Reiksguard figures. Nice!

    1. The Perry 1990's Empire range is full of great figures iwth just the right blend of historical and fantasy.