Saturday 19 July 2014

Marauders Flagellants. Some fanatics for my Empire Army.

When I first started playing warhammer I made what units I could out of my role playing collection. I added to this with the odd regiment of renown or blister purchase. It was never guided by army building but did concentrate mainly on Elves and Orcs.

That all changed when I decided to collect an empire army, it was during the final year or so of 3rd, before we knew a new edition was coming but the new empire figures that would become most associated with 4th were beginning to come out. The Marauder offerings came out before the Perry sculpts and the following Flagellants were part of the well considered set of purchases I made.

They have been painted to a very basic standard for some time, including a pretty poor standard topped with the worlds worst milliput twin tailed comet. The standard however has seen many battles so it stays. With minimal effort I did a quick splodge of shading formula and a basic layer of colour afterwards. Do they need lots more work, definitely. Do I have the time, no, not till after BOYL14. So here to join my growing army is a unit, gaggle, mob, of flagellants.

According to warhammer armies Flagellant only take to the field in groups of eight, no more no less. The keen eyed amongst you may notice there are fourteen. What can I say, sometimes the book is wrong.


  1. Haha! Breaking the law! Yep I agree, 8 is far too few for a mob of frothing lunatics. I want a unit of these when I get round to my empire army.

  2. I love the old flagellents, they're like rabid traveling library.

  3. Very glad to see these troops included in your army. They're quite good both tactically and aestheticly

  4. Oh my word - that unit of Flagellents was a pain in the rear end in the 90's, I hated them (loved the models though) and was so jealous. They were an iconic part of your Empire army, those, the Knights Panther and my men-at-arms form the Wizards of Morcar Heroquest expansion pack.

    I'm getting all misty eyed and nostaglic now.................................