Tuesday 10 December 2013

Too much choice!

OK long time no blog but I guess anyone who has followed my blog  for any time will know I blog in bursts. I'm beginning to feel the urge to paint and blog again but the problem is what.

Now I know a great number of you will roll your eyes when I say part of my problem is having too much stuff. And some of you may even volunteer to help me out by taking some of it off my hands (yeah right). But given my collection is well over 20 years worth of yearly growth sometimes I just despair at where to start.

Doubled my collection of late 80's pree Perry overhaul empire thanks to foundry.
Red period even for blue armies.
I start prepping a pre 89 only empire army then while looking for the box containing that knight I want to use as it's general I rediscover a couple of  90's Razorbacks. Now I really do want that 2nd ed Ultramarine's army painted up. Ooo look didn't I plan to use that set of RT backpacks to convert up some more chaos renegades.

You get the idea and the whole problem isn't helped by the fantastic deals on ebay at the moment. I can only assume people are spending disposable cash on Christmas because a lot of  good stuff is only attracting a few bids at the moment. I just won serious amounts of boxed nighties high elves for 50 quid. We're talking all three types of cavalry, gryphon, Pegasus, chariots, giant eagle riders, spears and archers plus loads of unopened blisters. I couldn't let that go now could I. I guess I could just stop looking on ebay but it is so easy to get a hobby fix that way than actually decide on a project.
Sorry bro I just had to start collecting these lovely models.

So the actual point of this post I need to make a decision.

Currently my brain is knocking about the idea of painting up that empire army, or adding to my 90's empire army or painting up my sea elves or painting up my regiments of renown...

Sea elves and high elves.


  1. Maybe the answer lies in painting very small projects like adventurers for either fantasy or 40k so that you naturally get where your painting will pours...
    In the end , you get models to roleplay which is good and painting different races and styles helps you feel what you really want to paint. I always have multiple projects running so that I always have one I want to work on at some time...
    In th eend it doesn't matter what you paint as long as you paint.
    You're right about one thing : I cand definitely help you with the chaos renegades, I can attest I have the most adequate place for them here =D

    1. That's another project I want to start painting up, my otherworld adventurers. Too many choices and all good.

  2. In some ways I'm quite glad to have moved to canada from the UK. If I was still in the UK, I too would be spending horrendous amounts of cash on oldhammer figs (and no doubt other manufacturers). As it is, ebay isn't so big over here, and there is much less choice. Plus shipping from the UK precludes me bidding in those auctions!

    Great find none the less, congrats!

    1. Well at least we have miniatures. You just get a higher standard of living, plentiful natural resources and to live in a young and up coming country...

  3. That's an impressive High Elf haul. I'm interested to see what you do with those high elves and sea elves... but I could see that an old school Empire army has its uses too. I generally get stimulated to paint things up for particular projects, so maybe it's worth planning what you want to do at the Oldhammer weekend, and work towards that?

    If I start work on a Chaos warband for the next OGRE meeting, then that'll be 3 projects I'll have on the go (fimir, Daleks, and the warband) - and I'm all too aware that means I'm neglecting my high elves and sea elves... I can very easily see how people's addictions get out of control!

  4. Once I'm done sorting I may have excess I need to off load. There could well be elves that would interest you in the extras!

  5. Good stuff, I think I understand the problem. I have avoided ebay for the most part although I made an ill advised search for skaven heads and almost went down the rabbit hole, so to speak. I would just pick an army and stick with it for now, only painting a unit or figure here or there to break up the monotony. By all indications this is to paint the empire stuff and then throw in a figure or two from the space marines and elves.

  6. I'm sure you can hear the violin music as we sob giant crocodile tears for your predicament. As you rightly mentioned, many of us would happily step into your shoes in an attempt to solve the problem... :)

    I think you should scour the white dwarfs or similar resources to see if you can find a battle report whose armies you would like to recreate. This suggesting is more of a 4th ed than 3rd ed thing, granted, but using your newly won high elves, for instance, I can think of a few White Dwarf reports featuring the high elves which you could try and mimic? The idea would be to be able to lay on a spread much like you did for Forenrond's Last Stand - you know both armies and you already have some painting inspiration to go on.

    Just a thought. Use it, don't use it - it's okay :)


  7. Sean you are of course right, I need to concentrate on just one army. It's how I used to do it pre kids, I'd get one fantasy and one historical army painted a year. Now unless there is an impending deadline with other people relying on me I just make such slow progress I loose motivation and get distracted.

    Gaj another fine idea. A long standing plan of my brother and I is to platy out the various high elf and O&G battles from the books and white dwarfs of the early Ninety's. The invasion of Grom, much as you have expressed a desire to do yourself. My brother has the high elves myself the O&G (though he has them too). In good conscience I couldn't paint up the high elves and expect him to use them when that is his part of the plan. My 4th ed O&G army is looking quite useable these days (yep I have a separate 90's only O&G army) but I need a change from green skins.

    Maybe I'll draw up a table and roll some dice.

  8. Sea Elves are one of the lesser-known Warhammer armies and could give you a lot of scope to be creative with paint schemes and what-not. Melniboneans, Tolkiens Teleri (Silmarillion), John Blanche Sea People (see also here and here), modelling some boats and shipwrecks as scenery.

  9. A interesting take on Sea Peoples there Zhu, I normally think of Shereden type bronze age warriors when they are mentioned. The pictures look like part of Jhon Blache's Hokusai period me thinks. Awesome pictures though.

    Do I have the guts to paint my sea elves blue or should I go more Tolkien and paint them as Falmari? I do find myself edging towards the sea elves they have been waiting many years for some paint.