Monday 16 December 2013

Orc give away.

I finally got round to sending Paul his prize for Orctober. Only a few months late but at least it is in time for Christmas. Thanks to all who joined in the Orctober fun, even if I some how managed to contribute very little.

Now pop over to Paul's blog and pester him until he gets the orcs painted.

Serving suggestion.


  1. You can contribute to Orctober 2014 by finding me a Gorfang Rotgut to paint for the occasion (or the classic orc champion might do as well). I might even be tempted to bring him to play on this hairy gaming mat ! =D

    1. Do you mean the orc champion out in 4th ed same time as Rotgut? The one in the command group here:

      I have loads of him too.

    2. I'm acter both Rotgut and Mr Spiked hammer champion from here.

      You're getting this green virus in me...

    3. Ahh I only have one of those.

      Don't tell my wife about the green virus i gave you.

    4. - you told me you'd never get into greenskins because there's far much to collect! You promised you'd stick to chaos!
      - yeah Honey I know but this just a one time thing you know, maybe twice but not more !
      - oh right ! and who is this Erny guy to begin with?
      - Honey please he has nothing to do with it I swear...

  2. I'm getting to the point where I need to paint a version of the exact unit in the image. I've got the plastic orcs, I just need the command, and I do love that command group. I've been giving the glad eye to the old orcs for a bit now. I must have caught something from Just John.