Wednesday 4 September 2013

Oldhammer weekend photos. Day 1

With the posting of photos from the day beginning to take off I thought I should contribute too. These are straight shots unedited or generally selected fro quality.

Day One:

I managed to mislay my camera on the first day so the following shots were taken with the iPad. The first set are general shots in no particular order and with no story to tell.

Gaj's Chaos/undead Nurgle mashup.

My Brothers ratmen.

More skaven.

The two armies above battle.

So excited to see these in the lead.

And these...

Never thought to get a photo with TMDWALC, this is the closest I get to that.

Obligatory Nico shot, froth...

And another.

Trolltastic action from Golgfag1.

Cabinet goodies (mainly Harry's but Nico's Chaos dwarves.)

More of Harry's but do I see some Epic....

This second set contains taster photos from the game Bug16 and myself played. I intend to produce one of my comic based battle reports about this in the near future so I shall not give away too much here.

The battle lines.

Gulp I see skullchucker.
I love these sort of views across the battlefield.
Death riders, five of em.
The lines close.
Frenzied boar riders.
Death riders, two of them. Go Fanatic, go.
Getting crunchy in the middle.
Run away!
A decisive challenge but whose across the board sixes are they?


  1. Hi Erny, good report :) your O&G army is really nice and the Skavens too.
    I didn't find the time to talk with Bug16 and see his Undead Army but now it's Ok with your pics :) Thank you.
    Bye Nico

  2. Cool shots Erny. Good to see these while stuck in the middle of a working week wishing I was back there!

  3. So much old school goodness. It's nearly too much.

    Amazing how well those figures in the cabinet have held up over the years. They still look so great.

  4. Cracking pics, very pleased with the look of my Skaven even if i do say so myself! Orcsies is good too, and the Skelies, and well, everything really!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Its very beautiful to see everyone's army painted, it drives me up the wall to see half finished or just not painted armies. Having pictures of completed armies makes a world of a difference when it comes to photos. Looks like loads of fun that day.

  6. Great looking day. Love your blog banner by the way.

  7. I love all the pics and all the atmosphere they show. It looks like it was a memorable weekend!

  8. Thanks all, glad you like the pictures but it is hard to take a bad picture when the whole room was filled with awesome lead. I was very lucky to get to play bug16 and his undead, a great opponent, friendly chap and lovely army.


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