Sunday 15 September 2013

Night Lords Vs Blood Angles 2nd Ed 40K

That's right I have a 2nd ed 40K battle for you today. One of the problems about having lots of games is lots of games to write up (OK so these are the sort of problems we all want) so for this write up I'm going to keep it simple and  just add some notes to the pictures.  I promise I'll get onto Forenrond's last stand soon.

A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed to go to my old club again. I think I've been a grand total of three times in the past four years. Kids! Anyway I managed to get a game in with my good friend and what is more we played 1000 points of 2nd Ed 40K a favorite of both of us, who can beat all those cards.

 The battle starts with a very balanced force of Night Lords on a witch hunt, from left to right of this blurry picture we have, veterans, marines with melta, Lord in Terminator armour, Battle standard and more marines with melta included. on the hill is a chaos predator.
The blood angles consist of a captain in terminator armour, with a squad of terminators including assault cannon and a death company (no jump packs although pictured on the model. This specialist force is trying to capture the center of the table.

The predator dominates the center of the table even when one of its laz cannon blows up due to a tactics card.

The termimnators are rich pickings for the predator which laughs at the assault cannon, the blood angels only heavy weapon.

The night lords play a waiting game retreating before the Blood angle rush which has been forced behind the deserted Imperial bastion by the predators deadly fire.

Several terminators and death company marines are hit in the open and fall despite their armour.

Concerned that the chaos marines will be picked off one unit at a time they retreat further, with all targets behind the bastion the predator starts to move.

Content with the trap he has laid the night Lord commander orders all units to halt.

And as the Blood Angels round the corner they are meet  by a hail of fire.

Too few wounds are caused and the crazed death company comes on in-spite of their mortal bodies. However the chaplain is dispached for an extra victory point under the Witch hunt rules.

The Death company find themselves charged by the veterans and the Chaos lord. The terminators enter the bastion.

The mele is protracted but chaos has the edge. Too many Blood angles fell crossing hte killing ground. The chaos Lord cuts a bloody sway through the frenzied warriors.

The chaos marines and predator continue to shoot at the terminators another falls to the fire power as the battle ends.

The difference in casualties is clear, the blood angles were unable to score a single victory point.

The casualties on the chaos side.

Lots of fun to get a game in with my mate again, good to see all the old faces at the club. I'll be going again soon.


  1. Nice one Erny - looks like a lot of fun.

    The Night Lords must be a new Chapter - not heard of them before?

    Got to love that old Predator - sadly mine (painted up as a Lucky Sevens Imperial Guard tank) didn't survive the wilderness years.

    1. The Night Lords are 2nd ed fluff so only 20 years or so old. I have RT renagades but this is 2nd ed.

      That RT predator is one of four.

  2. Hi Erny, great to see some classic 40K in action, well done.

    I'm having a problem loading your brother's blog, has he accidentally deleted it? It appears to be offline which is a shame, I really want to read the latest post-Snicket's Tail!

    1. Yep, 2nd ed is classic too.

    2. I need to get my 2nd edition Imperial Fists ready for a battle, although I'm tempted to make them Crimson Fists as well, love dem Crimson Fists!!!!

  3. It's there, I changed the address to being tail not tale as I'd originally intended

    1. Ah, that's why. My blog roll isn't allowing me to link to the new web address. I've got access by clicking on your name above but you might want to re-blog that last post for the benefit of others.

    2. Either tail or tale works as a pun.

  4. I'll ping it around tomorrow night

  5. OK, new URL is

  6. Nice looking game. Too bad the Blood Angels got so torn up though.

    1. Yep, it was the wrong force to take against my more balanced force. I believe in my absence from the club lists had started to get more specialised, works if every one else is doing it but comes a cropper against a normal force designed to take on all comers.

  7. That's been a lovingly pleasant report. I've been playing 2nd Ed again in recent times too and still find it totally appealing. Nice minis and scenery, that makes it all very atmospherical.


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