Wednesday 3 April 2013

Dungeon Adventure cards- card driven dungeon bash

So after a great response on forums, the blog and messages I got straight on an put the finishing touches to the first few cards for the Dungeon Adventure Decks previously mentioned. Thanks to all who showed support. I hope you like these because they were great fun to make.

Here is the link: Dungeon Adventure Decks.

Please feel free to print out for your own use and give them a go. I’d love to hear how you get on with this more limited set whilst I get the others ready, they will be posted free to use as well as and when I find time. These are I guess a sort of a play test.

Illustrations as previous by William McAusland.


  1. Well done Erny, thanks for the effort. These look great!

  2. No problem, hope I get some feedback when people have tried them out. I'm sure they could do with a little refining like most new projects.

  3. Just downloaded the file and had a quick look at it.

    maybe a suggestion for a second set to avoid the problem with accurate dubblesided printing: put the cards in the file with the front and back sides side by side so that when you cut out the two boxes you can just fold it and glue the two sides together.

  4. These are great fun. I can see these being really great with a bigger deck.

    The only suggestion I would make when I tried these with my old dungeon floor plans is a suggestion of the size of the rooms would be good just to make it easier to grab a suitable sized room. 'This LITTLE room is clearly a store room ...' 'This is a LARGER room and 'may be the sleeping quarters ...' OR Print it on the card in one corner. (Small, medium, large, cavenous). Even if not using them with floor plans a suggestion of the size of the room helps you imagine the space you are in.
    Also don't be affraid to be a bit more poetic in your descriptions .... It can only help stimulate the imagination.

  5. Thanks for the feedback, I'll look to see how easy it would be to produce foldable cards as you suggest Witteridderludo, along side the news I make now that is. I like just sticking paper down on card but see how your way could work well too.

    Room sizes, hadn't thought about, figured it would be GMs choice but could give it a go, also looks like I need to experiment with more descriptive language. Thanks for trying them Harry and yes there needs to be more for it to really work.

  6. Interesting...we've both approached the challenge of creating an old school dungeon delving experience in a somewhat similar fashion. I'm using a combination of custom dice, card decks, and tables to try to accomplish something very similar. If you're curious, you can read about the progression of my rules and play testing at a couple of posts on my blog:

    Did you ever take your ideas further?