Tuesday 15 January 2013

Realms of Chaos: Taking stock.

So since Orlygg pointed out that it was 25 years since slaves to darkness first darkened our doors I though now would be an opportune moment to take stock of my realms of chaos collection. I spent some time digging through the garage and cellar and promptly came up with several boxes of varying sizes. Anything released specifically for realms of chaos or at least for the chaos and released at the time went on the worktop in the kitchen. Now I know for a fact some of the painted Khorne stuff is missing, taken out of the box to play Mordheim using SoBH probably about a year ago. That’s a little box that needs finding. There are at least 6 trolls missing and I have a sneaking suspicion that another large shoe box of assorted lead is waiting somewhere for me.

Never mind what’s missing, above is a slightly blurry teaser of what I have found. Lets see how much you can identify from the wide shot. I noticed some duplicate Chaos warriors when sorting, if anyone truly amazes me  with there identification skills from this photo I’ll send a duplicate or two off to you.

I’ll start running through some close ups in a few days time.


  1. i dont think you need anymore trolls!
    my favourites are the marauder chaos thugs, loved that blister set, full of character!

  2. Wow! Just Wow!

    Right, the challenge is to recognise as much RoC lead as you can eh? Well starting from the top I can make out;
    Marauders/Warriors of Chaos
    The Peryy Chaos Chariot
    Disciples of the Red Redemption
    Chaos Champion on Juggernaut (plus undercoated spare)
    Marauder chaos knights
    Chaos sorcerer
    Daemonettes unit
    Nurgle Palanquin
    Chaos Centaurs
    Loads of unpainted chaos beastmen - including god specific!
    Nearly all of the famous Chaos Champions range - including Tzeentch disc rider
    Chaos thugs
    1985 chaos warriors/marauders
    Unbuilt fiends of slaanesh
    Big unit of chaos dwarfs
    The tenderiser? Or Whirlwind, cannot tell!
    A few of the Goodwin familiars
    1987 minotaurs
    Lord of Change
    Marauder trolls
    The Perry two piece chaos knights

    What did I miss?

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