Thursday 24 January 2013

Oldhammer Box sets close up!

A bit ago I promised to post up some close up pictures of some of my 80's citadel boxed sets. GW at the time had a knack of making the box itself something that you wished to posses, so much so that many but not all of my originals bought at the time ended up cut up and displayed on my bedroom wall. Often just the presence of a box pushes the price to the collector up a notch but for the right box I think its worth it.

Here are a couple I haven't seen posted before on other sites(it's beginning to dawn on me that photos that looked in focus in my library don't look so in focus now, I'll replace those that need it soon):

We've all seen the model but I don't recall seeing the box.
Who doesn't love the stories on the back of these boxes, well if you can read them.
Possibly my favorite box set ever. Good value even now on the collectors market.
Love the art work, and we have a nice set of stats and a description.
More great art work and a truthful statement of value.
Super stuff, makes me come over all giddy just looking at it.
Another story. Always struck me as a lopsided set this, four units of baddies two of goodies.
More Stats if you can see them.
Now this little scenario on the fantasy regiments box set has always intrigued me. If you go by the points on the box you get 305 to 230 points so the cost of the orc unit extra (these points seam to ignore the fact the Skaven has armour on). Its a bit of an advantage to say the least but I think this needs playing out, I wonder if anybody ever did, I certainly haven't over all the years and I can't think why.

I'll set up with just one boxes worth though a couple is also suggested on the box I'm going to keep things simple. The terrain is described adequately I'd like to see if the Dwarf/Elf alliance can pull it out of the bag.


  1. The fantasy regiments boxed set is one of my favourites. A big colourful box full of orcs, goblins, skaven etc was simply put, a box of pure joy for me as a kid. (and also now!)

  2. I know what you mean. That box for the Dragon Masters really made me want to buy one. More so than the model itself.

  3. I completely agree that it's worth paying more to have the box. Without the box it's just a set of miniatures from the 80s. With the box the miniatures bring the 80s with them!

  4. Love it! Bought two back in the day. Not sure if I ever built the dwarves though. Expect they are lurking in the basement.

    As for the rest, the orcs, goblins, elves, and skaven became the mainstay of their respective armies.

    The dark elves only amounted to a mercenary regiment with a witch leader and cold one riding champion.

    Those were days.

    No, I never played the scenario on the box either. Looked daft except as a last stand sort of thing.

    Thanks for the post and the box photos.