Thursday 30 September 2021

Happy Orctober once more.

 Evening all. Just a quick one as it's BOYL tomorrow and I have to get to bed but wanted to make this a proper Orctober this year so here is a couple of pictures of the orc I sculpted printed and painted. The sculpts are soft the proportions out the detail minimal but I'm happy as a first stab.

Just a quick paint job to get them up for Orctober the 1st.


  1. Happy Orctober Ernie! I hope to paint some greenskins too.

  2. Hey, Erny:

    I just published a new book called COMES CHAOS that adapts many of the old Realms of Chaos concepts to the B/X game system (it is thus compatible with such games as Labyrinth Lord and OSE). Since you are a fan of both old WH fluff and old school gaming, thought you might be interested.

    In print:
    In PDF:

    Cheers! Hope the holiday season treats you well!