Thursday 22 October 2015

Orctober another catch up.

OK time for another update, in no particular order:

 Lets start with some art, from Chad at Maximum Rock and Roleplay :

Created for Ral Partha and not Orctober at all I had to ask if I could post this up for Orctober. Chad said yes so this is just one of a bunch of really great pieces. Chad has done real justice to the figures these depict (more on them lower down from Springfield) the oldschool AD&D vibe of these is just so awesome. Do go and check out Chads other stuff, you won't be disappointed.

I'm a bit jealous of how quickly he painted these to such a nice standard.

Great to see this guy painted something other than red. Urions done a really nice bunch of Characters.

Some ancient (well late 70's) Ral Partha orcs. The Blue skin is a different choice for sure but they are looking great for it, I always felt these sculpts looked a bit Roman and the Rune painted on the shields really gives these boyz a Late Roman look. Admittedly they were painted a few years ago but it's good to see them here.

 Baggage trains are so ignored though I have seen a few great examples of late. This waggon  very Orcish with all the gubbins on it and the mixed crew of reprobates we also get our second short story for Orctober.

 They are shaping up nicely for sure nd a cool technique with the white layers I guess washed with green.

Who doesn't like these old Marauder orcs, these are old paint jobs but look vibrant and green even today. There are lots of great units to see on his blog.

Creepy little blighters. The blue faces are a nice touch, wait, more blue green skins whats going on!

The first orc painted is stunning. I look forward to seeing the rest. Incidentally he's using the warband rules I put out last Orctober.

 Nicely done, you have to go a see how Sean had him painted up until recently.

 Our first battle report and it looks like so much fun. Based on Captain Crooks Death Race 40000 from BOYL15 I know how much fun it must have been, nice report from RV.

Nice subtle painting and a cool conversion on the mohawk boyz axe.

Lovely painting and a half orc I've never seen before. What a quiff.

Golfag is expanding his mighty hoard with some more Black mountain boyz:

A work in progress but we can see where he's going.


  1. This seems like the best Orctober yet. Soooo much greenskin.

  2. Cheers for the shout out mate! There's an update due with the latest additions to the warband, as soon as I get a minute to get some good photos..

  3. Orctober looks like it's going down a storm!

    Here is an old metal Squig and a modern Grot in this lot if it's any interest to you?

    Might JUST fit in a Goblin forge mini in as well (fingers crossed).

  4. And here's my latest entry for Orctober fest, my Orc boss for Mordheim:

  5. Cheers for the shout out Erny. Had a look around peoples blogs. Lots of good stuff and apparently a few blogs I was unaware of. I've been lazy since the Black Orc. Hopefully I can pull something out this week.

  6. I finished my Orctober Erny...if you can believe it :D

    Thanks for the gentle nudge. I would never have got these guys done if it wasn't for Ortober.

    Cheers pal.