Tuesday 6 March 2012

The Barrow, Part 2 initial setup.

1.       6 Death riders with light armour, shields lances and a banner. Lead by Victora Mbrus a level 10 hero.
2.       Bald Rick a level 15 necromancer leading a unit of 25 Zombies, 5 freshly raised.
3.       The lonely Barrow.
4.       Lord Mika Ston, a level 20 Vampire leading 22 skeleton warriors, 2 freshly raised. A level 10 hero is also in the unit.
5.       A plague cart known as Geo Phys .
6.       Philard Ding a level 10 hero with light armour and two hand weapons leads a unit of 20 warriors.
7.       The Fern River and The Barrow ford.
8.       15 Grim reapers lead by a level 10 hero, Henri Champion with light armour and scythe.
9.       2 Screaming Skull catapults accompanied by level 5 hero light armour.
10.   Kat leading her 14 archers with instrument and standard. Kat a lvel 10 hero is equipped with a long bow and hell shaft arrows .
11.   An illusionary Hero.
12.   9 wood riders armed with bows lead by Lord Bi Lloddie armed with Mithril armour, a mighty strike blade and a long bow.
13.   Xispa a level 10 hero with light armour scribed with protective runes and a spear. He leads 20 warrior kinbands with light armour, shield, spear, instrument and standard.
14.   The watchers, 6 glade guard scouts.
15.   Sim O’Nking a level 15 wizard.
16.   10 Guard archers.
17.   A mighty Treeman.
18.   12 Warhounds with 2 handlers.
19.   Micheal Astrachan a level 10 wizard.
20.   10 war dancers.
21.   16 archers, standard and instrument.

The forces as they stand at first turn, after the scouting turn but before any moves have been made.


  1. Oooh! A big fight!
    Looks like it will be a good one (I'm betting on the elves, but hoping the undead can pull it off).

    1. It's 3000pts a side so anybody's game!

  2. Love it! off to a good start here!