Monday 24 January 2011

OK a New Year of Old School.

So I've had this blog since 2009 and here is my first post. Just to show how glacially slow everything I do is. As always I have big plans for 2011 but with two kids and no time I figure I can at least write a sort of blog about my interpretation of old School miniatures and games if nothing else.

I like to keep my collection contemporary to 3rd edition WFB or earlier. I break this rule often and modern ranges like Otherworld miniatures make their way into my collection. In the next few months I hope to post ongoing work on a scenario that I've played a few times but never solely with the figures available at the time I bought it. Also some PJs of the first figures off my growing mountain of Otherworld minis. If time permits I intend to play some Labyrinth Lord, DnD, I had a few hours spent in the caverns of chaos with some old friends recently and it was a blast. Lastly I hope to document the collection I have already painted and perhaps revisit some with my brushes, lord knows they need it. Oh and I guess some of my historical stuff may creep in too.

Here is a picture of the last thing I painted to keep your/my interest..


  1. My absolute favourite period of Citadel Orcs there! Love the 80s use of chequers as well. :)

  2. Many Thanks,

    You'll love what's comeing next then.

  3. Looking great - must get on with the rest of mine sometime...