Friday, 3 August 2012

The house that Erny built.

So after putting the little hut out only the other day I've had a great response already. Clearly I'm not as barmy as I thought and simple hand drawn card terrain has a place in the modern wargames world, if only a little place.

The I though, I hope the thing goes together! So last night in about ten minutes I printed, cut, scored and stuck. Ta-Da! (As my 1.5 year old would say).

Not to shabby for free I guess they need the white scored edges lining with markers but still I'm pleased particularly for the effort. It also looks sort of like the inspiration too.

I need to put more tabs on, sticking would have been difficult with just the ones I drew. The texture of the walls needs, well, doing. I need to spend more time doing the shading. I'll try harder next building, I have plans but any requests, to fit on 1 A4 sheet?


  1. Dave Andrews would be proud. That's a fine little house.

    Maybe next years Golden Gobbos should have a card-stock architecture section. 'Cos this years already has a winner!

  2. Looks great - I like the idea of a card-stock architecture competition!

    So what's next, a Dave Graffam style watchtower? ;)

  3. Following up on Thantsants' comment, a stone chapel would be nice. And perhaps a longer house? Would a bigger building even fit on A4?

    Just a random thought, how about some double-sided card signs that can be tacked onto the side of such buildings (a tankard, a hammer and tongs, a horseshoe, a grain sack, etc)?