Wednesday 29 August 2012

Erny's lead pile dip number 1b: Marine bolt battery and marauder sea elf comparison.

So there were a few requests relating to the first lead pile dip, I'm on holiday so coping with only being able to edit in HTML and a few photos I took befor leaving I present some requests.

First the marine bolt battery, only showing one of two I have here. The same machine as the dark elves but a different crew. Jes Goodwicn, and brilliant as would be expected. The commander foreshadows the 90's high elves.

Next a comparison of the sea elf spears to some high elves. Jes Goodwin high elf, marauder high elf, marauder sea elf, Gilandiril, marauder high elf an marauder sea elf. Personally the only difference to me is style and I would therefore have them in different units but certainly the same army.

Lastly archers, citadel, marauder sea elf and marauder high elf. All great happily have them in the same army but different units. Indeed that's the plan.


  1. Jes Goodwin is the man! Best elves ever! Ive picked up a few of the marauder sculpts lately, they are interesting pieces more adventurer style than army style, if that makes sense?

  2. Wish I had those spearmen with shield minis. They would fit my upcoming 3rd ed Merchant company perfectly.