Tuesday 21 August 2012

Erny's lead pile dip Number 1: Marauder Sea Elves.

Here I review the ever wonderful Marauder sea elves. I had planned to only include painted minis in my posts but after taking some photos of my Sea Elf collection some time ago and then several people expressing an interest I thought I’d post them up. Then I thought it may be fun to periodically dip into that enormous lead pile of mine for a semi-regular mini-mini review 80’s style.

As far as I know these are all the variants of the Marauder Sea Elves produced, although some numbers appear to be missing. There are in total, archers, spearmen, one sword armed leader type, one bow armed leader type and three Sea Elf War Dancers.  For those interested in the 3rd ed army lists these figures make great Kith, Merchant Companies and Sea Elves.

They are your regulation 28mm 80’s elves and mix well with citadels offerings of the time and would also be fine with the early to mid 90’s elves. They have the normal cartoony look of marauder miniatures from this period with a good amount of detail for rank and file. Different sea creatures adorn their armour which is a great touch and clearly marks them as different to the 80’s marauder high elf line, the woodies being very different.
The poses for the spear armed elves are nothing special, standing at ease waiting for the action to begin. Though I must confess I'm in two minds as to whether  S.E.13 is a spear elf or a War Dancer.


The archers again are a standard pose, clearly in the process of firing/loading. 

The War Dancers are in more dynamic poses, appropriately buckles are being swashed here. 

All in all a very nice set, if you could buy them today I’d give them a solid 7/10 but being quite rare though available on Ebay I’m bumping them to 8/10 for just being different or cool.

So what’s next?  More marauder 80’s elves or something completely different? If it was a range out in the late 80’s from Citadel or Marauder there is a fair chance I’ve got some of them.


  1. Thanks for that review Erny! Do you have the Sea Elf Bolt Thrower? Was it the same as the Dark Elf one with a different crew?

    1. Yes and yes. The crew are citadel Jes Goodwin sculpts though not Marauder ones.
      That can easily be review number 2 I guess.

  2. Wow...those look ccol...and you have ALOT of them! I may need to track down some of the Spear armed ones to mix with my citadel spearmen. perhaps some of the archers too...to my mind the wardancers aren't quite up to snuff with the citadel ones but the rest are quite good.


  3. Very interesting: can't say that I know these minis very well so most informative!

  4. Nice to see these. I don't suppose you could put them up against their citadel equivalents? It would be nice to see how they go together, especially as I'm collecting High Elves and would like to flesh out the ranks. They've always looked too small to me.


  5. I've got about 20 Sea Elves from when I first started with WF, they're nice figs. What's with that one character with the bow and the sword I've got 2 of them and on one it didn't cast the bow completely like the one in your pic.