Monday 21 May 2012

Old lead Old PJs.

A few random pictures found on my hard drive. Mainly from a wood elf vs orc battle from many many moons ago. Anyway worth documenting if only to show that my painting has improved in ten odd years. I really must return to all of these some time.
A hodge podge collection of arrer boys. Must get Harboths painted up.
Marauder Orc regiment and some drastic plastic orcs.
Mainly marauder orc boys with a few citadel thrown in, I have more than enough to make several separate units of Marauder and citadel now.
A 90's wyvern attacks Skarloc's scouts in original 80's paint jobs. You can just see some warhammer regiments boys at the top. Nice out of focus photo.
I quite like this photo, wardancers including champions and Glam from Skarloc's unit.
As above from above.
Marauder Woodies.
Silver helms, showing how I take most of my photos.
Eagle Warriors, as bought off ebay.
Jaguar warriors as bought off ebay.


  1. I love old lead. It's not just nostalgia. Those figures had loads more character than a lot of the bland, newer, better sculpted (in technical terms) figures.

  2. YES! Wow!! I love these pictures! Great figures and great painting too! (much more interesting than most "overdone" painting that seems to be all the fashion these days. Its gentler on the eyes too.) And I just checked out the rest of your site - FANTASTIC!! Your Dark Elf army is simply amazing! Thanks for your great blog!

  3. Wonderful stuff straight through! Love all those marauder goodies!