Tuesday 8 May 2012

Dark Elf army.

I’m still putting the last finishing touches to the posting guide, background fluff and pregens for the EW so in the interest of keeping things moving here is a bit more old stuff. Dark Elves this time, I have a bout 5000pts in old money, 3000 painted and here is about 1500. Shame about the 6th ed plastic banners, I'll need to put them right soon.

Plastic cross bows.
Witch Elves by marauder.
Marauder warriors.
Marauder sorceress.
Marauder doom drakes.
Evil twin?


  1. Love those old school Maruader miniature's Dark Elves. I had my eye on them for years before Marauder disappeared, but come Christmas time I always managed to find something else to spend my cash on. The old Maruader orcs were great too.

    1. I best get the orcs and goblins posted up some time then. If you haven't found his site yet check out Blue's Marauding miniatures blog linked from the side here-->

    2. Thanks Erny. Looking forward to seeing those Orcs.

  2. Love your Dark Elves, hope to do something similar myself one day! Not a fan of much of the marauder stuff but I agree the orcs were very characterful. The dwarf models the produced were the best in my opinion.

    Lets see more!

  3. Marauder Dark Elves are great - I think its the big round shields and shape of the swords that I particularly like.

    The plastic crossbowmen came out very nice.