Saturday 9 June 2012

Ashcans Great Horde.

 I was planning to sort through my O&G collection soon. I have a unit of 35 or so gobbos that are becoming a bit of a mill stone, I just can't summon the will to get them done to the standard I want them.

The I saw these two blog posts:

And a plan was hatched. So the following list is made of models I actually own and only those rerleased for 3rd or earlier. Only about half are painted and less to a satisfactory level but this is for motivation. After getting into the high 9000's it became important to hit the 10000 mark so I did include skaven allies which I hadn't planned on doing.

So here it is Ashcans great horde.


  1. Some lovely gobbos there Erny. Love the snortas you have there. Seeing your work makes me want to focus exclusively on O&G for the foreseeable future!!

    Get 'em painted!

  2. Thanks, now 10 points if you can tell me where my Orc and Gobbo online name comes from...I've also updated the link so anyone can view the pdf list not just me!

  3. That's quite a horde you got there - I'm a little green with envy at some of the stuff in it!

    Is it Ashcan or Erny we're trying to figure out? Not that I've got much of a clue either way...

  4. Erny and you do, honest. There is only one goblinoid called Erny.

  5. 3 Wyverns? The rest was fine, but 3 wyverns? That's just showing off. What, with Orlygg going on about how he just wanted one...

    As for Erny, I can only assume you refer to one (and only?) Erny Roam, in the employ of Mandraks the Murderer?

  6. ...I know (or at least, suspect) that because I also want to collect all the figures for Forenrond's Last Stand. I have all the greenskins, but the elves are proving problematic...

  7. Yes there you have it 10 points to the man (well close enough to Erny Roamer), to be fair it has been my on line name for aboput ten years, slowly the Roamer was dropped though.

    As to showing off I say no. Showing off would be mentioning that I have five 3rd ed wyverns...though three of them are marauder wyverns and one of the citadel ones is missing it's horns.

    The elves shouldn't be to hard on ebay thay are often up (like now) and sometimes cheap. An exact match to the units is impossible unless you are going to convert so just grab what you can.

  8. Awesome!

    Was this produced using the Army Builder program that Gaj and Dreamfish go on about? Im going to have to do the same with my Wood Elves. And my O&G army, oh and Undead, Dark Elves, Skaven and Chaos armies... I doubt any of them are anywhere near 10k in size though! - but it seems like a good way to catalogue what one has collected! I like the fact you've got 6 goblin chariots! Would love to see you painting all this though!