Friday 8 February 2013

Slaves to Darkness, finishing off the champion.

So having had a quick look at some of the warbands forming across the oldhammersphere  for this summer's Oldhammer meet I thin I was a bit hasty saying no to the suggested extra reward of a chaos weapon.  These weapons are actually not that mega, I think i'd confused them with my memories of daemon weapons.

They can give a little, "edge" to a champion in battle and also add loads to the overall character of the champion. I do want more character for my champion but also want the randomness of chaos to determine how that character is applied. Therefore I will still forgo the chaos weapon in exchange for a random reward. If I roll a chaos weapon so be it otherwise I'll take what I'm given.

Back to the dice, you never know how many you'll need so I've rolled up a bunch of d100s as before:

So a 14 on the rewards table gives me an attribute. That's a risk, I could end up with a moronic pin head or extreme flatulence ruining the concept of the champion as I see him. I am allowed to refuse this reward for a roll on the Slaaneshi rewards table, but I have to accept that result. I do want character though and a Slaaneshi reward would give that character.

Looking on the table 68 gives me a familiar who may have up to three attributes. Now then, 91 gives me a storage familiar 4d6 magic points worth of spells can be stored in the familiar, these are any spells that could legitimately have been cast onto the familiar for storage before the battle, this could be long before the battle too so wizards MP are unaffected. This could be any of my two wizards' spells, even in a large battle any of the spells of an ally. All good.  I'll take at least one attribute for it and 298 gives me another cross breed! I'm going to need some more d100s, d6's and d12s.

A d6 of 5 followed by d12 of 8 gives me the result of swarm. My familiar is half swarm. But what type of swarm? The main rule book lists the types of swarm as a list of 10. I have a d10 result of 3 left over from the original rolls giving me a result of scorpion. Darn I was excited when I got this familiar because I have that cute little daemonet familiar. Guess she is out the window now. I also realise i don't have enough d6s. I need 5 more but the way I'm goign through them I'll generate 10 more.

The familiars head is more swarm like, upper torso even split, lower torso and arms less swarm like and legs swarm like. This is going to take some imagination for the modeling.

Next reward 668 gives me an extra head using thea d6 I find out it is indeed just the one. I'm not sure how this head is affected by the half breed mutation so on a 50% or less roll on a d100 (glad I rolled all them d100s now) we'll say it is affected.  A 65 means it isn't. However my next reward of a bestial face 131, could affect it. A d6 result of 3 shows it only affects one head of my choice so I'll give it to the half breed head, this will make modeling easier (chicken I know). A result of 9 on a d10 shows me this is a goat head.

Finally on a 5+ the familiar can fly, I have a 6 as my next d6 roll so I now have a diminutive daemon with two heads, one of a goat, it is positivly crawling with scorpions, indeed its upper torso and legs appear to be made of scorpions. It can fly and will be able to release stored spells put in it by its master or its master's allies.

Very characterful, very fun.

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